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We're interested in hearing from you!

There are several levels of involvement you may choose:
Please check out new updated website at

1. Subscribe to the free online newsletter mailed to your e-mail address once every two weeks. If you like you can also send in news from your area and comments. (write to
2.Make a donation to Kids First Parent Association of Canada and receive a receipt for income tax purposes.  Make the cheque out to Kids First Parent Association of Canada and mail it to 3519 Boulton Road NW, Calgary Alberta Canada T2L1M5.   Funding for the organization helps us continue our research work and dissemination of information.
3. Organize a group in your area to discuss these issues.
4. Contact Helen Ward in Burnaby BC for more active involvement options. Write to

5.  Write a letter to your MP or MLA or both, phone a radio station, write a letter to the editor. Stay informed. Inform others.

Kids First is currently undergoing an organizational shift with a greater Internet presence.
Helen Ward of Burnaby BC can be contacted for those who wish to take active part in the lobbying movement.
Beverley Smith of Calgary can be contacted for those who wish to subscribe to the newsletter or for research material.
For more information contact

If you would to make mail contact by post, please write:

Kids First Parent Association of Canada

3519 Boulton Road NW

Calgary Alberta Canada T2L 1M5

We would love to  hear from you.

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