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Kids First is Registered Charity Number BN 88748 9069 RR0001

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We are a communications network of people working to better the lives of children. Through our efforts we endeavour to raise the social status of time devoted to caregiving and the anchor it provides, though unpaid, to a healthy society.

We focus on examining legal, financial and political obstacles that prevent parents from freedom to choose the child-rearing style they personally prefer, be it care by a neighbor,friend, relative, babysitter,parent in home-based office, tag-team parents, parent at home full-time, family day home, daycare or other.

We stand for valuing the role itself- regardless of income or marital status of parent. We stand for choice and equality.

Professional Advisory Board:
Kitty Raymond, Infant Resource Centre, Calgary
Dr. Philip Ney, MD, FRCP, University of Calgary
Dr. Elliott Barker, MD, FRCP, Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Dr. Penelope Leach, Psychologist, London, England
Dr. Paul F. Klein, PhD, Psychologist, Calgary,Canada
Robert L. Brown, FSA, FCIA, ACAS, University of Waterloo
Dr. Patricia Sullivan, Professor of Nursing Studies, University of Hong Kong
Karl Zinsmeister, Domestic Policy Expert, New York

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Kids First is a forward-thinking group of men and women who value gender equality in the paid and unpaid workforces and choice among men and women in all ways to balance career and family.

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Kids First has no political or religious affiliation and seeks to work with all parties and all interests to seek equality for children.

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